The Aztecs were never going to win

The biggest problem with “Atomik Aztek” is the whole premise that the Aztecs not only could have survived, but could have conquered the Europeans. The Europeans, primarily the Spaniards, were already in the Americas, “in 1508 an expedition did leave Hispaniola to colonize the mainland, and, after hardship and decimation, the remnant settled at DariĆ©n on the Isthmus of Panama” (Britannica), and were looking for new ways for wealth. The Aztecs pushing the Spanish out of their land could be plausible, but pushing the Spanish out of the Americas as as whole is not possible as the Spanish has already started settling and had better weaponry and armor. Not only did the Spanish had better armaments, but they had better organization and military tactics to defend against a force. They could not, however, fight a long standing war against the Aztecs as the Aztecs could easily fight an effective guerrilla war in the jungles of Mexico.