Why the Mayans would have been better

The idea that the Aztecs would have survived the Europeans is very far fetched, on the other hand, the idea that the Mayans could have survived is far more ideal. The Aztecs were not just being attacked by the Europeans, but have also at conflict with their neighbors, “November 1519 when Cortes approaches Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztecs, his small force is augmented by 1000 Tlaxtalecs” (History World), who joined with the foreigners. While the Aztecs were in prime position to be conquered and many concessions would have to be made for them to exist, the Mayans could have survived and have even thrived in the Americas with only a few concessions made to ensure their survival. All civilizations at the time of the Mayans were not in a state to cross oceans to conquer so they would be safe from outside forces.